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Progressive Action Center - Email a Letter to an Editor

Write a Letter to the Editor on any Issue that is Important to You!

Welcome to the Progressive Action Center.  While will feature specific issue and community action campaigns, we also want to make sure you can always take action on any issue important to you.  The Progressive Action Center is the place to take these actions.  We have provided you with blank action forms to write Congress, the President, and the editors of your local and national news media, as well as tips on how to write effective letters.

Tips for Letters to the Editor

  • 1. Write about something that is current in the news.  Refer to a specific article and author, if possible.
  • 2. Start with a strong, clear statement of your position.
  • 3. Close with the thought you want your readers to remember.
  • 4. Keep it short and simple--200 words is plenty.
  • 5. Check your facts and avoid personal attacks.
  • 6. Don't write letters to editors too frequently.  Avoid being seen as a pest.

Step 1 - Select a Recipient

The Letter to the Editor Section is one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper and can reach a large audience. It allows community members to comment on the way issues are being addressed in the media and to influence the topics the local paper may choose to cover. Elected officials often monitor this section of the newspaper and take notice of constituents' opinions.

We've made it easy for you to contact your local newspaper with your views, but editors want to hear from you in your own words.

Look for papers within miles of zip code

Step 2 - Write your message