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Thanks to All of You Who Took Action on this Campaign!

We are putting this campaign on hold, for now. But if conservatives try to privatize Social Security again, we will be back.

Some People Get a Golden Parachute...
For Everyone Else,
There's the Golden Promise: Social Security

Americans have lost nearly $2 trillion from their retirement accounts in the last 15 months* while Wall Street's financial elites are making away with billions.

Social Security is a golden promise guaranteeing Americans that if we work hard and play by the rules, we will earn the right to retire with dignity. We must not gamble this promise away on risky privatization schemes that guarantee only massive benefits cuts and turn our life's work into a chip for Wall Street’s elites to bet.

Therefore, I pledge to oppose privatization of Social Security -- the diversion of payroll taxes into private accounts -- by any name.




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* Peter Orszag, Congressional Budget Office, quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 7, 2008