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What would your family do with $434,000?

Improving pay equity would create substantial economic gains for women and their families. A new report found that women lose approximately $434,000, on average, over a 40-year period because of the gender wage gap.* Other studies show that moms, especially single moms, fare even worse with the gender wage gap.
The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act are important steps toward making sure that women are paid what they are worth by making it easier for women to recover lost wages due to bosses who discriminate and by requiring the federal government to be more proactive in preventing and battling wage discrimination.
But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is standing in the way of fair pay by opposing pay equity reform proposals in Congress that are needed to achieve pay equity. Tell the U.S. Chamber of Commerce what your family would do with $434,000 and more importantly, tell the Chamber to get out of the way of fair pay!

Watch Batgirl v. the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
December 09, 2008


Dear U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Use this calculator to find out the average wage gap for women in your state with your occupation or education level. Then you can click "Get & Share" at the bottom of the calculator to share this calculator far and wide by picking which place you want to post it (Facebook, your blog, your website, via email, etc) and sharing it with your friends.


* The gender wage gap is the annual difference in median wages between men and women who are employed full-time and it widens over time.

A copy of your letter to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will be sent to your Senators and Representative to remind them that we’re counting on them give women the capacity to enforce the right to equal and fair pay.

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